\Portable POOP Dog Stool \The Glow Butler\ Lay Flat Wrap Trash A Total Clean Up BOSCI4K88XAD6718

'Portable POOP Dog Stool 'The Glow Butler' Lay Flat Wrap Trash! A Total Clean Up! BOSCI4K88XAD6718

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The Glow Butler,can hold 1,2,or3 Two Handle Recycle Household Pantry Bag or None Handle.User can also use if dedire, Two Handle or None Handles Eco-Bio Compostable Plastic that fitted. 3 Different degrees of angles to be ADJUSTor LEVEL, by a Push Button to accomodate any SIZE Dogs or Puppies Low Stoop. A mounted Bright LED Mini Flashlight to illuminate the target area on night walks,the flashlight can also be used,to SWIVEL into a single hand handle pointed flashlight usage. If in and Emergency The Glow Butler can also be use to catch Urine Specimen for testing purposes. Night Safety Features, that we all need,GLOW Reflectors at night in High Traffic areas.The Night Reflectors are there to help keep you, and your pet seen and safe.

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