The only escape-proof patented dog diaper on the market. Perfect for your little “Houdini” escape-artist who just won’t keep a diaper on. Great for those odd shaped dogs like French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Boston Terriers and Pugs. Used for incontinence, territorial marking, excitable and submissive urination, surgery, dogs in heat, house training & travel. Fits male & female dogs between 5 pounds and 40 pounds. Can be used by cats too! A very simple and comfortable design. No binding elastic to rub your dog’s skin. No little holes to slip legs or tails through. Full freedom to move about comfortably. Great for hairless dogs. Easy to use. Takes a few seconds to put on and take off. Simply slip the neck strap over the dog’s head and wrap it around the body. Secured with Velcro. The wrap around design helps dogs that are anxious to be more calm. Absorb the urine by placing an adult incontinence pad, belly band or a disposable dog diaper under the PeeKeeper. The PeeKeeper will hold it all in place. Simply toss pad when it gets soiled. SEE BELOW FOR DIRECTIONS ON “HOW TO MEASURE”.